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LA Weekly falls in love with the Baptist Boy

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The meaning behind his name is twofold, an ode to both religion and his city. “Everybody called Chicago Chiraq and I felt like I wanted to be a voice of reason — John the Baptist in the Bible is known for being the voice in the wilderness. And so I was like, in this wilderness, I wanna be that voice. I’m not Jesus, but I wanna be that voice that brings forth something that’s important, so I took John the Baptist’s name.”

But despite all that, Sir’s music doesn’t force religion on his listener. While his music is tinged with his faith, it’s not church music. “I was talking to … a guy who’s totally not [religious]. And he was just like, I love your music because it does acknowledge the moral compass but it doesn’t force religion on you. It feels like religion when I’m listening to it, but it feels like religious freedom to me.”

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