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The Urban Bible – “Something to Live By”

Daily Devotion and News

Today, I am blessed to launch that which has taken two years to build. I’m blessed to launch The Urban Bible. It took compiling a new team, molding synergy, and developing a solid content strategy. We built a lifestyle network from scratch!

This network has been designed as a platform to showcase original lifestyle content, unscripted visual podcasts, travel specials, live events, and all the while offering readers once in a life time experiences.

It seems like it was just like yesterday that I was living from hotel room to hotel room on tour, facing some really trying times, and I needed something to encourage me. So, I looked in the night table drawer and there, like always, was a Bible placed by the Gideons. I said to myself, “I want my words to be everywhere someone lays their head as well. I want to live a life that can help one feel at home with any experience that life may bring.” That Bible in the drawer made a preacher’s kid feel at home. And it was there in the drawer that I discovered the foundation of what I wanted Urban Bible to be.

Urb Bible‘s mission is to create a platform for the entire home. We are here to help families around the world celebrate life, be inspired and entertained, be empowered to live their best lives, and to be a guide to help bring change to the lives of anyone that seeks change.

– Sincerely; Sir